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About us


Our story

DIMI Jeans was founded in 2023 in Amsterdam by two brothers who share a passion for clothing, particularly denim. We believe that style is timeless, and therefore your garments should be treated with care and love. If you are not passionate about what you wear, then there is no point in bothering. We aim to create products with a story behind them.

Our logo reflects this philosophy. The bonsai tree symbolizes development, dedication, and patience. It is beautiful how these trees can be shaped by giving them the right treatment. We believe that passionately treating a product with care and patience, and watching it develop over time, is a beautiful parallel to the wearing and caring process of denim.

Each of our jeans is dedicated to a specific type of bonsai tree, with names related to the growing process and the final structure of these specific trees.

Our way

Our jeans come from a sustainable background, we design and craft them to last a lifetime. By using deadstock fabrics and producing in the Netherlands, we minimize our ecological footprint. Sourcing, producing, and selling fairly are key values for us, which we will always uphold.

All garments deserve their own story. Our garments are not designed to last only a few years. We want your DIMI Jeans to last until the very end. We encourage our customers to care for their clothing. The perfect, eternal garment has yet to be found, and we highly doubt it ever will be. Therefore, the most sustainable garments are the ones that are cared for and stay with you the longest.

We believe washed denims are wasted experiences. Jeans are not disposable garments; each one deserves an own story with an owner dedicated to wearing and caring for them until the very end. Earning the faded look.

we believe that

True Love Never Fades

that is why we tell everyone to

Take Care